Car Park Management System in Malaysia


Car Park Management System in Malaysia


Looking for an advanced car park system in Malaysia?

At TIMES24 Malaysia Sdn Bhd, we offer more than just a car parking system. We provide our corporate clients with valuable in-house expertise to support the expansion and enhancement of their parking and property development ventures.

Our cutting-edge technology such as a cashless parking system and the License Plate Recognition (LPR) Parking System revolutionises parking management, ensuring efficiency and convenience for both operators and users.


Our Parking Management Solutions

Our parking management solutions encompass a thorough evaluation of existing car park operations, pinpointing areas for enhancement and offering tailored recommendations. We specialise in deploying and overseeing cutting-edge technology solutions, ensuring seamless integration and operation. Additionally, we provide ongoing property management services to maintain optimal functionality. With expertise in acquiring car parking sites and buildings, we offer a comprehensive approach to optimising parking facilities for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In addition, our well-designed car park, complete with clear signage and efficient traffic flow, is tailored to ensure customer satisfaction and foster repeat business. To further elevate the motorist experience, we offer an in-house National Control Centre (NCC). This centralized car park management service enables remote monitoring of operations, manned 24/7 by highly trained operators. Providing interactive monitoring and operational services, our NCC enhances safety, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction.


Why Choose Our Car Park System in Malaysia?

Decades of Expertise: With a collective experience of over 50 years in the car park management system industry, TIMES24 can consult on every aspect of the parking business.

Tailored Solutions: Our car park system in Malaysia is customised to suit the unique needs of urban environments, providing seamless parking experiences.

Innovative Technology: Utilising state-of-the-art technology, TIMES24 offers smart parking solutions that optimise space utilisation and enhance operational efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface: Our intuitive parking management interface makes it easy for operators to monitor and control parking facilities while ensuring a smooth experience for drivers.

24/7 Support: With our dedicated support team, you can count on prompt assistance and technical guidance whenever you need it.

Explore our car park management system in Malaysia today and take the hassle out of parking management.


Carpark is a valuable asset that can generate potential returns like any commercial property. We are not only unlocking the value of the carpark, but also solving issues that come with free parking.



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